Thursday, 16 September 2010

Chapter 8. Brute Force

Thanks to the Basson Français group members and gentle application of brute force the mystery has been finally solved.

I presented the pictures and the 3d model on the group's forum asking for help and soon I got some ideas as to what the mysterious thing may be but nobody sure about it. General conclusion was that most likely it is not part of the bassoon but rather something that got there accidentally.

On few occasions already I tried to remove it but it wouldn't move. Due to its location it was really hard to grasp but this time I managed to pull a thread few times through both holes which gave me a sort of a handle. I pulled gently but firmly until it finally popped out.

Ladies and gentlemen: a clarinet mouthpiece.

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  1. uffff!!!! Dobrze, ze to ustnik a nie jakiś niewypał z II wojny.