Sunday, 5 September 2010

Introduction. A long, long time ago...

So here it starts. Just a moment ago I have bought an old bassoon on ebay auction and paid for it £133.

I spotted it accidentally only two days ago and all I know about it is that it apparently was manufactured by (or for) Hawkes & Son in London about 80 years ago. All I have seen so far were few poor quality pictures. I think that under the manufacturers stamp there is a number 13 showing. Whether it is a model or serial number I don't know. Looking at the pictures I cannot tell the system either. I guess I will have to wait few days until it is delivered to see if it is very old German Heckle or simply French Buffet. I've asked the seller to measure it's length and I believe it must be close to 440 Hz but it is still possible that as some of bassoons from that time it will be 452.

I am still a bit puzzled as to why have I done it yet very exited at the same time. And since I've bought it I'm going to restore it back to life, make it sound again and find out as much as I can about it's history.

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