Wednesday, 15 September 2010


As I mentioned in the introduction, one of the reasons to buy the bassoon was to give myself some real job. Nothing virtual like this blog-writing but a real, tangible hobby to be a counterweight to my daily routine.

The old bassoon is my very first restoration project and as such it is a kind of twofold experiment. Firstly I wanted to see if I can do it; secondly if I will enjoy it. So far everything went smoothly and I have been enjoying every bit of it. I know, I know. It has been only few days I have just made a first tiny step but it looks like my star has already aligned and I will be fixing old things 'till the end of time.

Yesterday just after 10pm I heard loud knocking on the front door. You see, we don't get that many night visitors so it was quite unusual. Last time somebody knocked at the door so late was to let me know that my motorbike was being stolen. The time before that it was to tell me know my motorbike had been stolen. Thinking not again' and 'how many times can one vehicle be stolen?' I quickly went downstairs to open the door.

'Hello,' said my neighbour, 'do you have five?'
'Well...' I hesitated 'I do'
'C'mon then, have a look'

I came closer, looked into the darkness, saw my bike. So what did he want?

'C'mon, put your shoes on and come!' he said rather impatiently.

So I did and he led me to his house without a word. There he showed me an old telescope in pieces explaining that somebody was just about to throw it away and asking me to have a look to see if I can put it all together and make it work again.

So it looks like my stars has already aligned. I will check it when I'm done with the telescope :)

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